One thing I’ve found since starting the Yakking With Yordy podcast is that there is often not enough time to fit everything I want into an episode! Sometimes a conversation veers in a direction I didn’t expect and then there just isn’t enough time to circle back around to some of the topics I wanted to discuss. Other times, I will think of an interesting insight or story related to the podcast topic or guest after the episode is over that I would just love to share but there’s no easy way to do that with the podcast publishing format.

That’s where my new monthly newsletter, Behind The Podcast, comes in. When you signup for my free newsletter, each month you’ll get a new edition of Behind The Podcast that will have deeper insights and stories that didn’t make it into the podcast. The goal here isn’t to rehash what has already been said in the podcast but rather to create interesting new content each month that won’t be available elsewhere.

I also don’t intend the newsletter to be a straight download of information from me to you but rather an ongoing conversation that includes you. That’s right, I want your thoughts and your feedback. If something was particularly interesting to you, or challenging, or inspiring, then send me an email via the Contact page and let’s talk about it.

Please take a moment to signup for Behind the Podcast, I’m really excited about what is to come!